Distribution Of Parking Spaces In The Condo

Distribution Of Parking Spaces In The Condo

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Parking spaces in a condominium are a subject that can generate many conflicts. It is estimated that ¼ of the lawsuits involving condominiums are related to problems in the garage.

An assembly should be held to define the best use of parking spaces in the condominium. The convention must define all the rules for use, including the system for choosing places, the periodicity of these drawings, and places reserved for people with physical disabilities.

For the manager, it is interesting to think of a way in which there is a consensus among the residents, using creativity and common sense to avoid further inconvenience. For condominiums where parking spaces are not determined, a drawing of spaces is usually the best solution.

Drawing Parking Spaces 

As the rules for drawing parking spaces in condominiums like condo Chatuchak (คอนโด จตุจักร which is the term in Thai) are not determined by law, the condominium must establish how the draw will be carried out. Everything must be described in the condominium’s convention and the condominium’s bylaws. To carry out the draw, it is essential to have the garage floor plan to facilitate spaces. Knowing how many slots each unit is entitled to, you can start the draw.

There are some ways to draw, among them are:

The draw of vacancy and unit simultaneously: This is the fastest way both the parking space and the unit are drawn, which does not allow the possibility to choose the space.

– Draw only for the unit: In this case, the unit is drawn, and the unit owner has the right to choose the vacancy.

– Raffle with pre-arranged rotation: The places will be drawn and numbered, and after a specific time stipulated in the convention, whoever used place 1, uses a place two, and so on.