How To Implement Selective Collection In Condominium

How To Implement Selective Collection In Condominium

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Small and large condominiums can implement selective collection following some instructions and using their creativity to make the necessary adaptations to their reality. See the steps for deployment:

1) Employee Training

Small And Medium-Sized Condominiums

The selective collection procedures, in this case, are straightforward; all you need to do is alert employees that:

* recyclable waste will not be placed at the door of the building but removed by a company, entity, or scavenger.

* if the condominium performs the collection separated by type of material (paper, plastic, metals, glass), do not mix the materials in storage.

Large Condominiums

– if the collected material is sold to recycling companies, it may be necessary to re-separate the material after collection. Some recyclers buy “pets” (plastic soda bottles) separately from other plastics; others buy long-life packages separately from papers; the same happens with cardboard and aluminum cans (drinks).

– in this case, it is necessary to guide all employees involved about the types of materials.

– many medium and large condominiums that carry out selective collection allocate the revenue generated by selling material to employee bonuses.

2) Communication With Tenants

All residents must know that there is selective collection and understand how simple it is.

– however, in residential condominiums, the participation of cleaners and maids in the units is even more critical. Most of the garbage originates in the kitchen, and who takes care of disposal, in general, are them

– therefore, when selective collection begins, it may be interesting to call a meeting with the employees for an objective and straightforward explanation of the procedures.

– it is essential to explain to everyone, tenants, and employees, that recyclable materials must be free of food or beverage remains; otherwise, it will be impossible to store them (for hygiene reasons) and pass them on (companies do not buy). To do this, rinse the container with water to eliminate the remains.

– it is unnecessary to call a meeting to install the selective collection if the expenses are negligible. Usually, you only need to purchase the collection containers. Check how to organize your closet (ตกแต่ง คอน โด ขนาด เล็ก which is the term in Thai)