Waterproofing Basements: The Hidden Dangers of Leaks

Waterproofing Basements: The Hidden Dangers of Leaks

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If the area where your home is located is prone to rain, chances are you’ve had issues with leaks in your house. Having a secure roof over your head will be able to provide you with protection, but another place that you would need to make sure is protected from leaks is the basement.


Unfinished basements are especially prone to leaks, but even a finished basement, if constructed poorly, may have issues when an area has higher than average rain. Leaks in basements can lead to dangerous mold developing on the ceiling, walls, or floors of a basement, which can make it a hazard if the basement is a place that’s frequented often by the homeowner. If a leak in a basement isn’t handled properly, it could grow and lead to flooding in the basement, which can be dangerous if there’s electrical work installed and can damage your heating and cooling systems if they’re located there. 


When providing information to a company to assist you with repairing a leaky basement, make sure to get accurate measurements and send pictures of what the leak looks like, if visible. If a leak isn’t visible, provide as much information as you can regarding the surrounding area. The best course of action would be to have someone from a waterproofing company come in to take a look at your basement. This way, they’ll be able to give you a more accurate price on how much it could be to fix the leak and waterproof the rest of the room or they can recommend if a specialist would need to be called in order to clear out any mold before they waterproof the room.


Waterproofing a basement can be as simple as just patching up and leaks or cracks that could let moisture in. If the problem is with flooding, they may inspect your water table in order to make sure that isn’t a problem. The installation of a drain may assist with any flooding issues and repairs to any loose windows may also help to make sure the basement remains water free. Waterproofing should rid your basement entirely of leaks, so if there are more that develop or the same ones start leaking again, contact a different company to have them assessed.