Best available tile patterns for your home

Best available tile patterns for your home

One of the best things to be done with the floors and walls of the house is tiling them up. Tiles provide with the most effective, beautiful and long lasting flooring solution amongst the available options. They also have an advantage of providing insulation from the hot and cold weather and can sometimes be pest and germ resistant too. Tiles are also hassle free when it comes to cleaning and are easily cleaned from possibly stubborn staining materials in just one wet swipe. However, before making the decision of choosing the most unique tiles for your home you must know the prevalent patterns to get you to your preferred look.

Straight Lay

The most common and straightforward pattern for laying out tiles is the straight lay. This pattern simply involves square or rectangular shaped tiles that are laid straight in line and sequence. Therefore, they remain in a standard grid pattern. They are the most preferred choices for giving a calm and peaceful look as well as favor tile arts.

Brick Patterns

Brick patterns are also one of the simplest patterns but add a bit of art as they reflect the interlocking pattern of the bricks inside the wall. These tile patterns are common in places like walkways, subways and backsplashes. They are very helpful in hiding crooked walls and any other flaws in the walls and also create illusions for space and height inside the room.

Herringbone Style

A herringbone style pattern is formed when rectangular tiles are aligned in a 45 degree V shaped pattern. This design has been used for a long time to create size and height illusions in Europe. This pattern works well when used with neutral colors and are suited well for bathrooms and hallways. The only tough thing is the installation if you are doing it on do it yourself basis.

Windmill Patterns

Windmill patterns are one of the most preferred styles if the motive is to display attractive features of some of the tiles. This is because the smaller tile pieces form a kind of border for the central tile piece allowing it more focus than them. Laying down this pattern can require you some labor but once you do it for a time-being you will find yourself in a rhythm. This pattern is now offered by a great number of mosaic tile makers that it is now very easy to get it installed.