How Hot Summers in Parkesburg PA Affects Your Roof

How Hot Summers in Parkesburg PA Affects Your Roof

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When the pleasant spring season ends, it’s followed by long summer seasons. For homeowners, the summer brings a lot of challenges – possible damages to the roof being a significant one. While winters can cause extensive damages to your roof, the summer heat proposes completely different threats and challenges. Homeowners who are unaware of these dangers could end the summer season with considerable damages to their roofing systems. Here’s what happens to roofing systems during summer seasons –

Addressing the Main Dangers

Without a doubt, prolonged exposure to UV rays that bombard roofs for ten or twelve hours every day during the summer is the main challenge for homeowners. Wooden roofs can bleach, weaken, and crack. UV rays can also split asphalt shingles. The general increase in heat doesn’t help either. It accelerates all the chemical processes that negatively impact roofing and construction materials. The rate of these materials breaking down, dissipating, or cracking is much faster in hot temperatures. Homes with poor attic ventilation systems can even suffer from interior damages.

Heat also causes roofing materials to constantly expand and contract for hours. These processes take a toll on the roof’s structural integrity, causing it to go out of shape or create gaps. If the house is unfortunate enough to be hit by summer storms, the overall structural damage can be even more intensive. 

How Roofing Experts Can Help

Roofing experts of Parkesburg, PA, secure their clients’ roofs during the summer in various ways. Firstly, they don’t treat the damages roofing systems experience during the summer as one-off incidents. They identify that these damages have cumulated over time. Their trained eyes are designed to spot potentially long-term roof damages. They take immediate action against these issues and help clients receive cost-effective repairs. Taking the help of these roofing experts during the summer is a must!