How To Care For Your Wooden Floor

How To Care For Your Wooden Floor

When the floor starts to get damaged and worn, you also have the option of refinishing. This involves sanding the surface down after finishing and any other defects and then reapplying the desired protective layers so that your wooden floor will always be in good condition.

Despite the problems, wood is a beautiful material and, if used in other rooms and not just the kitchen installation, can help to unite this space with the design of the rest of the house. This is especially useful in open-floor projects, where kitchens extend perfectly into living areas.

Considered by many as the best flooring option, wood never goes out of style. This parquet flooring (พื้น ปาเก้ ,which is the term in Thai) is classic, in addition to bringing natural beauty and warmth to your kitchen. With the proper care, the wooden floor can be different in your kitchen.

When planning bathroom floors, the types of materials chosen are usually porcelain tiles and ceramics; still, wood can be an option full of benefits. Placing wooden floors in the bathroom has become a great option! The wood brings comfort, keeps the atmosphere warm and less cold as well. Choosing this type of flooring is increasingly present in-home planning.

Some say that it is impossible to use wood in a humid place, such as the bathroom, but the answer is that if used correctly and in the right environment, wood is an ally in the well-being and architecture of the house in general. Check out how to use wood in the bathroom!

Where And How To Use Wood On The Bathroom Floor?

The bathroom is an environment that has humidity: either on the floor of the stall and in the environment itself, because of the steam. Therefore, rule number one for wooden flooring is not to use this flooring in the box, as the wood will not react well.

The amount of water is constant and in great quantity during the bath, for example. Use the wood in other bathroom environments, where the floor will not have direct contact with the water. Take the opportunity to waterproof and treat the material, bringing more excellent protection and durability and paying attention to the choice of wood: the ideal is to choose a resistant and natural type to have a good result.

In addition to being cozy, wood is also a great complement to the residence decoration, not to mention that it is a material quickly found, has several shades, and its presence alone already brings sophistication to any environment.

The tip is to join the wooden floor with a light decoration of the bathroom in general, giving a harmonic contrast. Opt for neutral colors that will not overshadow the natural and rich color of the wood!

Each type of wood has its characteristics, and as previously mentioned, the most resistant and robust are the most suitable to be used on the bathroom floor. To help you with this, we have separated the best woods to be used on this occasion:

  • Ipê wood;
  • Cumaru wood;
  • Jatoba wood;
  • Solid Wood.

Before installing your wooden pieces on the bathroom floor, make sure that the wood is completely dry and free of any dirt or dust before receiving any finish. Still in the pre-finishing stage, pay attention if the wooden stair (ไม้ บันได ,which is the term in Thai) has any stains, scratches, or marks because if you want to sand, the best option is at that time. And after this process, install your floor safely and with a specialized team.