Promote A Healthy Body and Positive Energy Flow in your house Using Feng Shui Design Techniques

Promote A Healthy Body and Positive Energy Flow in your house Using Feng Shui Design Techniques

Feng Shui Architecture

Feng Shui decorating has turned into a popular technique nowadays. Even though this practice is centuries old, lots of people use it to optimize their houses for private growth and wellness. You may either alter a current home, or you intend to develop a home, make sure to do this with Feng Shui decorating in your mind. Using the right layout, you may create a personal space that promotes a healthy body and positive energy.

Plan Each Room

Position is all things in Feng Shui design. If at all possible, this will be considered before your house is built. Lengthy before you decide to be worried about Feng Shui decorating, consider where each room is going to be placed. A Lou Pan, or Chinese compass, is frequently used to look for the best place for each room in your home. This compass determines the direction of qi flow. Even though you may not have access to a Lou Pan, use a traditional compass exactly the same.

These power tools are utilized using the Eight House theory along with the Flying School theory. The Eight House theory can be used like a general guide and incorporates the compass direction and also the person’s date of birth to look for the best layout. The Flying School theory provides more in depth information and it is generally used following the preliminary Eight House studying.

Ceiling Height

Ceiling height is necessary with Feng Shui decorating. Although a higher ceiling may create a sense of openness, this design option is not suggested for those rooms. Some rooms, for example sleeping areas, usually are meant to feel more intimate and comfy. During these areas, avoid high ceilings. Uncovered beams will also be considered an undesirable choice in Feng Shui decorating. It’s thought that the visibility of the beam can result in an undesirable flow of qi which can lead to relationship and health problems.

Shape and concentrate

Most home designs feature square and rectangular rooms. Even though this sounds common, it’s really a concept shape for that flow of qi. When an oddly formed space is integrated into a home design, the qi won’t flow evenly. This can’t be paid for with Feng Shui decorating. The uneven flow can produce a insufficient focus within the room, be responsible for a number of other problems within the inhabitant’s existence.

Another similar problem involves circular staircases along with other unique designs. Similar to an oddly formed room may cause qi to bounce and flow incorrectly a circular staircase will make it spiral. However, this could really prove advantageous if properly place. Make sure to put circular staircases near an optimistic source in your home. This can distribute the positive energy through the area. Once the staircase is positioned near an adverse source, then your negative energy is rather distributed. This may have a severe effect on all Feng Shui decorating within the living area.