Top 7 Decorating Mistakes

Top 7 Decorating Mistakes

Becoming an interior designer for more than twenty five years I am quite familiar most abundant in common errors many people make (even some professionals) when decorating a house. Decorating should reflect our taste and elegance, which is a really personal factor. However there’s a couple of decorating blunders that needs to be prevented. Here is a listing of mistakes and fixes.

MISTAKE 1: The Road Up…arranging the furnishings on a single wall. I check this out done a great deal particularly in bedrooms, where a number of different size dressers are shoved against one wall. This results in a “cluttered” feel and look. It is also unbalanced.

THE FIX: Make sure to appraise the space and the length of the furnishings you will be placing on every wall. Place one primary furniture piece on the wall. You need to make certain the area feels and looks balanced. Also, make sure to leave enough “walk room” between your bed and also the furniture. You won’t want to be clashing with things when you get up in the center of the night time to make use of the restroom. Scale is essential here.

MISTAKE 2: Furniture Placement…lots of people think pushing the family room sofa from the wall by getting outdoors space in the heart of the area can make the area appear bigger…False. This kind of arrangement causes it to be difficult to keep a discussion.

THE FIX: Because the sofa may be the largest piece within the room it ought to be put into the middle and across from either the entertainment wall or hearth (the focus). Arrange another pieces round the sofa to produce a romantic setting that’s more conversational. (group all piece in the heart of the area) Make certain you are TV is hung/placed at eye level and also the sofa is positioned in the correct distance in the TV. The space depends upon how big the television as well as your preference. A great guideline is to accept size the television and multiply it by 1.5. For instance, for those who have a 42″ Lcd TV, you’d multiply 42 x 1.5 = 63″ or 5’1/4″. If you think that will still be too close you are able to move your sofa to about 6′. The bigger the television the further back the couch is going. So you need to know your living space size before investing in a TV. (measure towards the back seat from the sofa)

Some rooms are extremely small with this configuration, if you need to put the sofa against a wall make sure to group another pieces round the sofa…don’t push the chair against another wall, etc.